on the bottom of the bowl a towel with good water

on the bottom of the bowl a towel with good water

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In a large mixing bowl, combine the bread flour, lukewarm water, and active sourdough starter. Mix the ingredients gently until you form a rough dough. Cover the bowl with a clean kitchen towel and let it rest at room temperature for 30 minutes. This will allow the gluten to develop and hydration to evenly distribute throughout the dough.

1. Cook the bacon until crispy, then set it aside to drain on paper towels. Once cooled, chop it into small pieces.

Now, grab a clean kitchen towel and dust it generously with flour. Place your baguettes on the towel, seam side down, spacing them apart so they have room to expand. Cover the baguettes with another towel and let them rest for another 30 minutes or so. During this time, the dough will undergo its final rise, giving it that beautifully rounded shape.

③ parents please prepare towels, diapers and clothes that need to be changed before massaging the baby. Apply an appropriate amount of moisturizing oil to the palms and rub repeatedly to make the temperature of the hands appropriate.

Wrapping warm bags or hot water bags with towels is an effective way to keep warm, but the disadvantage is that we must always pay attention to whether the temperature is hot enough and the reheated hot water bags or warm bags need to be replaced frequently.

The first kind, the patient can carry on the hot compress to the injured part, about half an hour every day, must keep the heat of the towel, this can play a very good effect.

The products touched include: toasters, sandwich ovens, electric kettles and other electrical products that touch food; food storage supplies; kitchen utensils such as fortified glass panels and stainless steel pans; bowls, knives, spoons, cups and plates; clothing, bedding, towels, wigs, false eyelashes, hats, diapers and other sanitary products, sleeping bags, shoes, gloves, watchbands, handbags, wallets / wallets, briefcases, chair covering materials Textile or leather toys and toys containing textile or leather clothing; yarns and fabrics for direct use; various cosmetics and tobacco products, etc.

And the fibers of some towels are relatively hard, and when sisters use them, they like to rub their faces vigorously, which will bring extra friction to the skin and make the skin loose and wrinkle.

Empty refrigerator, put a few bowls of hot water, the use of water vapor emitted by hot water can also achieve the effect of melting frost quickly. Pay attention to the hot water temperature should not be too high, so as not to burn the refrigerator. About 60 degrees Celsius hot water is more appropriate, it is best to pad on the bottom of the bowl a towel with good water absorption, has the effect of thermal insulation. In just a few minutes, the thick ice in the refrigerator will melt quickly and will soon crackle down.

After hearing the alarm of the exercise, the teacher in charge of the class should immediately stop the teaching activities and, together with the assigned class teacher, organize the orderly evacuation of young children, and the nurse teacher should quickly distribute wet towels to the children, requiring them not to bring any personal belongings. Evacuate to the designated location from the classroom door. Lead the teacher to lead the way, the nurse teacher in the middle, to ensure that the child does not appear congestion and stampede, after the class teacher is broken, make sure not to leave any children, and cooperate with the other two teachers to evacuate the child to a safe place.