dead leaves were covered with a thick blanket on the ground.

dead leaves were covered with a thick blanket on the ground.

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Tableware: picnics need to bring tableware, such as bowls, plates, knives, forks, chopsticks, spoons, etc., you can choose light and easy to carry plastic or stainless steel tableware. Blankets or mats: picnics need a clean place to put food and cutlery. You can choose blankets or mats to make the picnic more comfortable. Drinking water: picnics need to bring enough drinking water, you can choose bottled water or bring your own kettle. Sunscreen: for a picnic, you need to bring sunscreen, such as sunglasses, hats, sunscreen, etc., to protect your skin from the sun. Mosquito incense or mosquito repellent: it is necessary to carry mosquito incense or insect repellent for picnics to prevent mosquito bites. Garbage bags: picnics need to carry garbage bags, collect garbage and keep the environment clean and tidy.

Hebei Shenzhou Thermal Insulation Building Materials Group Co., Ltd. as a formal aluminum silicate blanket manufacturer, in the years since the establishment of the company, we have been praised by all industries for our excellent product quality and rigorous working attitude. in the process of market expansion, we should fully understand the local market and formulate corresponding development strategies according to the market situation.

Such as seats, thermal insulation materials, anti-collision fillers, dashboards, etc., many cars directly enter the market as soon as they get off the production line, the harmful gases and smells of various accessories and materials are not released, and the plastic parts, carpets, roof blankets, sofas installed in the car, if not in accordance with strict environmental protection requirements, will directly cause air pollution in the car.

The reporter learned that hundreds of products participated in the exhibition, including early warning and monitoring, safety protection, family anti-theft, emergency disposal, emergency escape, emergency rescue, safety and emergency culture, and so on. There are not only emergency products such as family emergency kits, escape retarders, emergency insulation blankets, but also protective equipment such as smoke alarms, smart sockets and safety seats, which are related to all aspects of life.

Third, aluminum silicate needle blankets can be used when heat preservation and insulation are needed in high-temperature devices such as electric power, fourth, they can be used for pipes in heating devices, fifth, fire prevention work in high-rise buildings needs to be done well, we can use aluminum silicate needle blankets as fire insulation materials, sixth, chemical reactions of gases or liquids in high-temperature equipment require large reactors and strong heat resistance.

You can continue to walk down from the place where you hit the mountain spring, but it is not recommended, because it will go down the mountain very soon, so it should be the location of Longan Cave. We chose to go back, about 50 meters. On the right side of the road, there was a steep mountain road leading to a small peak. The children used their hands and feet as rock climbing. After climbing, there was an open space, which was especially suitable for picnics. The thick trees blocked part of the sun, and the dead leaves were covered with a thick blanket on the ground. Set up tents, lay out picnic mats, tie hammocks, and enjoy the secrets of the forest. The children were very happy, all kinds of fun, climbing trees to build single-log bridges and sprinkling leaves. One by one they seem to be forest elves.

This photo taken by fashion photographer William Klein in 1958 records a light and cozy picnic scene. Notice that there is a small round stool between the two models with tea trays on it. This kind of small stool has become one of the trends on picnic blankets this year.

This is their transformed garden, which has taken on a whole new look! Now, the garden is like a holiday space. There is nothing more pleasant than putting a picnic blanket on the grass and pouring a drink.

It is reported that the well site to which the brigade belongs is located in the northern Shaanxi Plateau, with a large temperature difference between day and night. In view of the large number of pipe networks, length and distribution of pipelines, it insists on the working goal of “not freezing one equipment, not freezing a pipeline, a valve, an instrument”, and began to organize staff and workers to carry out self-inspection of winter prevention and thermal insulation in early October. Carry out investigation and statistical summary of all equipment, pipelines and material reserves that need to be insulated in each well site, verify and deploy them well by well, gas production tree and valve, tailor-made winter prevention measures, “suit” the well site pipelines and wellhead facilities, wrap them with “electric blanket” and put on “thermal clothing” to ensure that each well site is “warm” through the winter.