cleaning your hands, dry them with clean towel s or paper towels.

cleaning your hands, dry them with clean towel s or paper towels.

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Once citizens mistakenly eat poisonous wild mushrooms, they can press hard objects such as wooden chopsticks and iron spoons on the base of their tongue with towels to urge vomiting, then rinse their mouths with salt water, and go to the hospital for further professional treatment as soon as possible. It is important to pay special attention to remember to bring leftover mushroom samples when you go to the hospital so that the doctor can determine the type of poisonous mushrooms in time.

With the smart home, our life has become all kinds of comfortable and easy, especially the function of liberating hands, this electric towel rack is also indispensable! If you are busy at work, you can use the artificial intelligence speaker to open the electric towel rack and dry the towel clothes. Inconvenient to go out to play can also open Mini Program, the use of WiFi intelligent thermostat configuration connection is successful, and then can set the temperature and time online operation, it is the beauty and strength of the electric towel rack!

On the morning of November 22, the School of Mechanical and Energy Engineering conducted a fire drill in the square in front of the museum on Jiading Campus, which was jointly held by the Security Department of Jiading Campus and the School of Mechanical and Energy Engineering. Nearly 100 teachers, students and property staff of the college participated in the exercise. At 10:00, with smoke rising in front of the building and a rapid fire alarm sounded, teachers, students and property personnel involved in the exercise, under the guidance of evacuation guides, covered their noses with towels and evacuated from the front square of the building in a rapid, orderly and orderly manner.

▲ do good hand hygiene: after contact with public goods, after returning from public places, after coughing or sneezing, after taking off masks, after attendants take care of patients, before and after preparing food, before and after meals, after contact with animals or handling animal feces, after contact with dirt, wash hands with hand sanitizer or soapy running water or use alcohol-free hand sanitizer. After thoroughly cleaning your hands, dry them with clean towels or paper towels. And take appropriate amount of hand lotion to protect skin.

Third, the “balance of supply and demand” method, when we use this method of muddling through, if the effect is not obviously not ideal, then we can only use the “balance of supply and demand” method: this method has two aspects: on the one hand, the baby absorbs less, we use the milk suction, the milk suction can not be completely emptied, and then we squeeze it out with our hands. Apply a hot towel for a few minutes before feeding or milking, which can also promote blood circulation and increase the amount of milk. On the other hand, the big milk side deliberately does not empty, that is, try to let the baby eat more on the small milk side, when the big milk, the baby is not too hungry, even the baby is almost full, then, the big milk side does not need to be emptied, and the milk is left in it like this. every time it is kept like this, the milk on this side will become less, and slowly the breasts will become smaller. This is a method that can only be used when there is enough milk to eat and the breasts are unblocked without blocking milk, which is called the balance between supply and demand.