When we wipe our hair with a towel , we should avoid

When we wipe our hair with a towel , we should avoid

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Prepare some towels, cover your mouth and nose after wetting. When rescuing trapped people, prepare the same towels for emergency use to prevent toxic and harmful gases from being inhaled into the lungs, causing asphyxiation injury. After being rescued, the burned personnel should take simple first aid methods, such as rinsing the burned area with clean water and rinsing away the dirt. Then simply wrap it with clean gauze and contact the ambulance for rescue.

(2) pour warm water into a small washbasin, soak the towel and twist off the water, and apply it hot and wet around your nose. You can also use a cotton stick to dip in a little warm water (shake off the water droplets to prevent the baby from inhaling), gently moisten the nasal cavity in 1 and 3 places, be careful not to be too deep, so as not to cause discomfort to the baby.

Use lukewarm water. Too hot will make the skin fragile, and it is easy to rub the skin after massage. Wipe the warm towel in a ring from the center of the nipple to the areola, hot compress on both sides in turn, each side for 15 minutes, before feeding, the hot compress will help soften the caking, and the baby will be better sucked.

When we first wash our hair, the scales of our hair are open. When we wipe our hair with a towel, we should avoid rubbing our hair directionally.

When we wipe our hair with a towel , we should avoid

Some people will have doubts, towels can not be hung in these three places, so where is better to hang? In fact, towels hanging on the balcony will be better than these three places. Because towels hang on the balcony can make room for the bathroom, so the first benefit is to save space. The second advantage is that the balcony is well ventilated, coupled with the sun can sun towel sterilization, more sanitary.

After washing our hair, rubbing it with a dry towel to make it dry quickly is a mistake that many people make when washing their hair, because the scales of our hair are open after washing our hair.

The key to the hairstyle of an aircraft is the hair above the forehead in the top area. when styling, you can first wet the hair, then wipe it half-dry with a towel, and then constantly adjust the direction of the hair with a hairdryer. Finally, just use some hair wax and hairspray to set it, stylish and handsome all day.

Many messages under the medal table made people burst into tears. I hope these messages can also be seen by those athletes. Some netizens said that the Olympic Games selected the human peak body, but the Paralympic Games decided the human peak soul. How well said, yes, their bodies are crippled, but because of this, they look even more extraordinary on the field. They broke through their physical limitations and stepped onto the field, that is, the glowing champions who brought us countless cures and incentives. Is there any reason why we should not work hard? They can still run without arms, move forward without eyes and upward without legs. One netizen said that in swimming competitions, some athletes bit towels and touched their heads against the wall, and in table tennis competitions, they also threw balls with their feet and rackets with their mouths. Seeing these, he was not only full of respect, but also got a kind of spiritual nourishment that nothing could break, which made us feel that “nothing is impossible.”

One of the primary reasons why a strandbag is a must-have accessory for a day at the beach is its functionality. When you spend a day soaking up the sun and frolicking in the waves, carrying essentials such as sunscreen, beach towels, snacks, and water bottles are a necessity. A strandbag provides ample space to hold all your beach essentials while keeping them easily accessible. With multiple compartments and pockets, you can neatly organize your belongings, making it hassle-free to find what you need.

When we wipe our hair with a towel , we should avoid

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